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Share what Matters.

We’re always searching for answers. Which often leads to more questions. And we find ourselves wading through countless posts, videos and web pages.

We need a better way to connect the dots so we can make sense of it all. An easier way to share what we learn.

A better way to research, collect, create and collaborate. Now in Beta.

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Scrap everything worth saving.

Save ScrapsSM of digital content in one place. Go beyond bookmarks: Scrap screenshots, recordings, pages, posts, products, files, text - one tool on all your devices to collect it all. Scrap while you’re seeking inspiration, researching your interests, documenting your DIY, compiling reading lists and reviews, making shopping lists and plans - or just wasting time.

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Collect your thoughts along the way.

Add quick notes as you Scrap to keep track of your ideas, takeaways and comments. Record notes with our browser extension to capture your thoughts without even typing.

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Connect the dots together.

Find your Scraps with Collections and Tags - assign as you go, or do it later, or never. Use Collections to organize your Scraps any way you choose. Invite friends, family or team members to build Collections together.

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Share with anyone or everyone.

Easily share Scraps and Collections while you’re ScrappingSM. Your notes, thoughts, and questions will be shared too. Once your Collection is ready to share with the world, make it Public so others can find it.

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